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We have new Starship bases in our assortment: 25mm, 25mm DEAL, 32mm, 32mm DEAL, 40mm, 40mm DEAL, 55mm 1, 55mm 2 and 120mm Oval.
Other sizes will follow :)

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We have reworked our candleholder sets. The new sets are made of resin and include more parts than the old sets :)

Candelabrum kit 1
Candlesticks set 1

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There are more oval "Ancient Machinery" bases available: 170mm oval, 90mm oval 1, 90mm oval 2 and 60mm oval.

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If you want to magnetize your miniatures then this is a good time to do it! :)

We give a 25% discount on all magnetic foils, magnetic foil sets, ferrofoil and metal movement trays.

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Coming soon - Heart blood sucking vampire
The vampire is in the scale of 30mm. It will be available as resin and tin kit.

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The Woodland bases 30mm RL and 40mm RL DEALs are now available.
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We are on vacation!
22.11.2017 15:00

From 23rd to 28th November we are on vacation.
Orders and e-mails will be processed from 29th November.

Best regards,
Your Tabletop-Art team

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