Tabletop-Art News

Our metal movement trays are back in stock. There are also new formarts available:
120x100mm,175x25mm,175x50mm,175x75mmand175x100mm.more ...

We are currently working on a rowboat and a small merchant ship suitable for the Viking Age and the early Middle Ages.

The small rowing boat has a length of approx. 145mm. It includes two rudders and an optional side rudder.

The merchant ship is approx. 225mm long and offers plenty of space for the crew and cargo. There are two barrels, rudders and a side rudder included. The seat boards are loose on both boats and can optionally be omitted. So you have many options for design.

Viking ship

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We have new wagons and carts in our range. These are made of white metal and in the 28-30mm Scale. There is a big farm wagon, a big ladder wagon and a small cart.

Small Cart

Big Ladder Wagon

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We have a new adventurer camp in our range, the "Trapper Camp". The set includes 4x beds and a campfire. Scale: 28-30mm. >>> go to productmore ...

We're working on some new Fantasy Football Goblins right now. These will then be made from white metal again.

We hope you like it :)

Fantasy Football Goblins Fantasy Football Goblins Fantasy Football Goblins Fantasy Football Goblins Fantasy Football Goblins

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We have revised our Grim Reaper miniatures and these are now being made of metal. We were therefore able to lower the price of the models a little. A set is also available.

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We have three new sets of shields in our range. The shields are made of white metal and in the scale of 28-30mm.

-Fantasy Warrior Shields - Set 1 (8)
-Fantasy Warrior Shields - Set 2(8)
-Fantasy Warrior Shields - Set 3(8)Fantasy Warrior Shields Set 2 Fantasy Warrior Shields Set 3

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We have new rats in our range: Rat Swarms Set 1

From this set you can build a swarm of rats or you can use the individual parts to design bases or terrain. Correctly put together, two 40mm round bases can be completely equipped. Scale: 28-30mm.
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The set is ideal for designing tabletop terrain, dungeons, miniatures bases or simply as a swarm of insects :) The set includes 10x small bases with various insects. There are beetles, woodlice, millipedes, stag beetles and ants on the bases. Scale: 28-30mm. >>> go to product
Giant Insects - Set 1 (10)more ...