Welcome to our reseller information page

Tabletop-Art GmbH is a small, fast growing company, specialized in creating and manufacturing finest tabletop and wargaming accessories, such as bases, conversion-kits, bits of miniatures, terrains, markers and further games accessories.

We can offer you high quality products "made in Germany" to very interesting and lucrative conditions and discounts!


Product presentation / packing:

Professionally packed in blisters with full colored product images and EAN-codes – ensuring an ideal product presentation and supporting an easy integration with your ERP-software and cash desks systems.

Another, less voluminous packing method – frequently preferred for on-line business segments - are individual plastic-bags, accompanied with our high-end product descriptions and images.


Larger items are packed in brand recognizable and attractive plastic-bags – compatible with every standard blister wall.


More voluminous products come in high quality cartons – also embellished with our full colored product descriptions and images.  


Further added values:

We'd like to point out an additional service and added value – simplifying the incorporation of Tabletop-Art GmbH products into your portfolio. Via cloud-drive, we’re providing you constantly updated product descriptions and images – integrating our product range into your system the easiest and most comfortable way for you.


If you are interested in reselling Tabletop-Art GmbH products and to learn more about our abilities and profitable reseller conditions, please feel free to contact us: info@tabletop-art.eu