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Now available - Rat Swarms Set 1 -  12.05.2021 17:04

We have new rats in our range: Rat Swarms Set 1

From this set you can build a swarm of rats or you can use the individual parts to design bases or terrain. Correctly put together, two 40mm round bases can be completely equipped. Scale: 28-30mm.
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The set is ideal for designing tabletop terrain, dungeons, miniatures bases or simply as a swarm of insects :) The set includes 10x small bases with various insects. There are beetles, woodlice, millipedes, stag beetles and ants on the bases. Scale: 28-30mm. >>> go to product
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Now available - Revised shields sets -  12.04.2021 11:16

We have revised our Viking and Norman shields. These are now made of white metal. The following sets are available: Viking shields set 3, Viking shields set 4, Norman shields set 3 and Norman shields set 4.tabletop miniatures bits - shields settabletop miniatures bits - shields settabletop miniatures bits - shields set

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Shipping to the UK -  09.04.2021 09:13

Unfortunately, due to new Brexit import laws, shipping to the UK is currently not possible. We are looking for a solution and hopefully we can ship soon again to our UK customers.more ...

Good news ... the first orders have been sent! We are still waiting for the second wave of production, then the rest will go out :)
Thanks again to all supporters.

The upgrade set is only available until April 15, 2021. So if you don't have one yet, you should strike now!

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