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Townsfolk Miniatures – Merchants 

If you want to bring more life in your tabletop town and marketplace, we have some nice miniatures and sets for you.
We had expand our marketplace bits with many different merchants and a cloth merchant sales stand.

Please look here for our new range Townsfolk miniatures and at the theme: marketplace.

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Our Squad Markers 25mm, 32mm and 40mm are now also available in the color gold.more ...
Our Landsknechts Ogres with Flamberge are now available. They are avalable as a set of three or as single miniatures. Scale 28-30mm.
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Landsknechts Ogres Landsknechts Ogresmore ...

Price increase :( -  24.05.2022 14:08

Price increase :(

After almost 10 years of stable prices, we now unfortunately have to increase our prices. Almost all our used materials have increased massively. Our items will become more expensive by about 5-10%.

We want to give our customers the opportunity to buy at the old price, so we will inform you in time. The increase will take place on 7th june 2022, so grab some stuff to the old price! :)

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We have new regiment bases for round and oval bases in our assortment. This allows you to bundle units and maneuver them easily on the game table. There are also regiment bases with subtle gold or silver borders. With these you can easily highlight and distinguish special units. >>> go to products
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