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The set includes 4x wooden doors (2x different). With these doors, buildings can be easily extended and decorated. Suitable for the scale: 28-30mm. Dimensions about 25x32mm.
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The set includes 4x trapdoors (each 2x different). Suitable for the scale: 28-35mm. Dimensions about 25x25mm. >>> go to product

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New - Corn sacks set 1- 28.02.2019 16:02 | 0 Comments

The set includes 6x different cereal bags, suitable for the scale: 28-35mm. The sacks have a very detailed surface, seams are visible and sometimes the sacks are damaged or patched.
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We extend our miniature bases set Scrap Steel by the following bases: 100mm, 170mm Oval and 105mm Oval.
Other sizes will follow :)
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