We have a new bases set in the assortment - Stone Slabs bases.

The ground of the set "Stone Slabs" is covered with rocks and stone slabs. The stones are superimposed and therefore it results heights and stairs. Miniatures can be positioned very dynamically on these bases. The style of the set is ideal for miniatures that are in rocky terrain, dungeons or caves. More shapes and sizes will follow.

>>> Stone Slabs BasesSet

Stone Slabs Bases - 32mmStone Slabs Bases - 50mm1

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The hay bales set is a great extension for your gaming table. These can be well placed in a barn or a cornfield to complete the setting.
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Lizard City - Bases for miniatures

We have new Lizard City Bases in our assortment: 32mm, 80mm 1, 80mm 2, 120mm Oval 1, 120mm Oval 2, 130mm 1 and 170mm Oval 1.
Lizard City 120mm 2 Oval base

The floor of the Lizard City set is equipped with motifs of the Incas and Aztecs, as well as exotic small animals. Therefore it is ideal for lizardmen and jungle peoples, their conquerors and armies of similar themes. >>> Lizard City bases

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We are happy to announce that we design and produce the Fantasy Football Team for the "NAF World Cup 2019 Dornbirn". The team will have 16x individual models and will pruduced in resin and whitemetal. The style of the team is based on regional fashion and traditions. For example some helmets are based on old firefighter helmets, the hairy "Perchten" are traditional figures and the pants "Lederhosen" are the typical fashion.
Some sideline miniatures are also in process and perhaps some special players will follow ;-)
In the future we will show you more miniatures, infos about the concept and the design process. Here are some images of the first players.

We hope you like the miniatures and don't forget to register for the NAF World Cup 2019 :)

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The set includes 4x dogs: poodle, pug, dachshund, sheepdog. They are made of white metal and 4x 25mm resin bases are included.
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