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Ancestral Ruins Tutorial

Step 1: For these bases, I want to represent an elves temple with a natural and magic atmosphere. I prime it with White Games Workshop prime spray. Table Top Art bases are very fine, thus I apply two fine layers (wait 10 minutes between each layer) to avoid losing details and texture.

Step 2:Stones are painted withpure898Dark SeaBlueVallejo Color.

Step 3: Then, they are heavily drybrushed with pure Dawnstone (or Codex Grey)Games Workshop.

Step 4:I drybrush lightly stoneswithFenrisian Grey (or Space Wolf Grey)Games Workshop.

Step 5: If you want, you can add more blue in the deepest shadows with a very diluted and localizedDark SeaBluewash.

Step 6:I finally make a last very light drybrush withScar White(or Skull White) Games Workshopto finish the stones.

Step 7: Ground is based withSteel Legion Drab (or Graveyard Earth) Games Workshop.

Step 8: The whole ground is given an Abaddon Black Games Workshop wash.

Step 9:It is then drybrushed with Steel Legion Drab Games Workshop.

Step 10:For the last highlight, I use UshabtiBone (or Bleached Bone) Games Workshop.

Step 11:Roots and leaves aregiven a base coat ofAbaddon Black Games Workshop.

Step 12:They are then highlighted withCastellan Green (or Catachan Green)Games Workshop

Step 13: and withElysian Green (Camo Green) Games Workshop.

Step 14:The last highlight is made with a 50/50 mix ofElysian Green Games Workshop andLight Yellow 70949 Vallejo Color.

Step 15:To finish, the rim of bases is painted withAbaddonBlack.

Step 15 bis: Here is the final result :) I hope you will love it !