Painting Tutorial: Stonefloor Bases round

2014-10-10 17:19:00 / Tutorials

We want to show you with this tutorial how to paint our Stonefloor Bases quickly and with simple techniques. Have fun with it :)

Step 1

After cleaning the base prime it in a darker color.

Step 2

The sandy/gravel is covered with a ochery yellow.

Step 3

Cover up all gaps in between the stones with a light gray to simulate the cement. You don't need to be too precise with that.

Step 4

Cover up all stones with a dark brown tone. This will help creating the shadows of the red bricks.

Step 5

Next to do is a heavy drybrush of the bricks with a reddish brown color (or a mix of a strong red and a dark brown). Drybrush until you happy with the result (there should be only a little rest of the dark brown show through.)

Step 6

Now add a bit red to the previous color/mix and do a light drybrush (same as in step V but this time with much less paint on the brush)

Step 7

Drybrush the sand/gravel part with a light khaki until you only have some oche left in the recesses.

Step 8

Cover the whole base with a brown wasch.

Step 9

Repeat step 7 but this time leave more of the previous color and you're done! :)



Optional: Step 10

Add some basing material like static grass or leaves.

These products were used in the tutorial:
  Stonefloor 25mm        Stonefloor 40mm        Stonefloor 60mm   


This tutorial was created by   Simon Moon Painting   

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