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Grim Reapers - Now made of Metal! -  13.07.2021 15:38

We have revised our Grim Reaper miniatures and these are now being made of metal. We were therefore able to lower the price of the models a little. A set is also available.

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We have three new sets of shields in our range. The shields are made of white metal and in the scale of 28-30mm.

Fantasy Warrior Shields - Set 1 (8)
Fantasy Warrior Shields - Set 2 (8)
Fantasy Warrior Shields - Set 3 (8) Fantasy Warrior Shields Set 2 Fantasy Warrior Shields Set 3

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Now available - Rat Swarms Set 1 -  12.05.2021 17:04

We have new rats in our range: Rat Swarms Set 1

From this set you can build a swarm of rats or you can use the individual parts to design bases or terrain. Correctly put together, two 40mm round bases can be completely equipped. Scale: 28-30mm.
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The set is ideal for designing tabletop terrain, dungeons, miniatures bases or simply as a swarm of insects :) The set includes 10x small bases with various insects. There are beetles, woodlice, millipedes, stag beetles and ants on the bases. Scale: 28-30mm. >>> go to product
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